Sunday, 26 April 2020

Tarot & Handwriting Reading #9: What do I need to know about Self-Isolation?

Question: What do I need to know about Self-Isolation?

Tarot Card Reading: 

The Queen of Pentacles says you have everything you need. You will not lack. Be comfortable, grounded and patient.

The High Priestess indicates that although the querent does not know everything that is going on. There may be many secrets hidden from them, their intuition will see them through though, as the 10 of Cups promises, happiness with the people they love.

Handwriting Reading

The handwriting shows that the querent is not overly emotional (mild right slant) so will be able retain their poise in difficult situations. They are well organized ('f' split in the center) and have some ability to come up with new ways of doing things (lower loops - practical imagination.) 

However, this writer tends to be closed to new ideas or at least takes a long time to accept them (closed and very narrow space in lower case 'e') and is showing some resentment (rigid initial strokes.) They like to investigate (inverted V formations on "m" and "n") and analyze information ("V" formations at base of "m" and "n") and so do not like being in the dark in some areas on this topic.

Life would be easier for them if they could appreciate that not knowing everything is not necessarily bad. So long as things go well they have no need for all the information around this topic. 

Both trying to be more adaptable and relaxed (by opening up space inside the lower case "e" and slightly curving the initial strokes) about everything would make life much easier for them. 

I would encourage them to just accept this situation while it lasts knowing that the cards show a happy outcome, and use their investigative abilities to find interesting things to do and learn while at home rather than constantly getting up tight and annoyed that life is not as ‘normal.’

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Fiona MacKay Young

Fiona MacKay Young
Certified Graphologist & Tarot Enthusiast

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Tarot & Handwriting reading #8: Where do I go from here with my career?

Question: Where do I go from here with my career?

Tarot Reading: 

(2 of Pentacles) It would appear you are engaged in a juggling act to try to balance your needs and wants with regard to your career. There are both material considerations and up and down emotions involved. 
As you try to work things out and consider your options, there is a surprise waiting for you of the emotional kind (Page of Cups.) Something unexpected will trigger your feelings in a good way. Perhaps a new idea or new opportunity regarding your career since it comes in the form of news. 
(Ace of Swords) Ultimately you will see a fresh, new start and it will be crystal clear to you what is it and how you must proceed with it. It is genuine and promises success if you follow this opportunity through.

Handwriting Reading: 

Juggling things to work out where to go next is something that you have the perfect personality to accomplish successfully. You are very clear thinking and extremely good a cutting through confusion or comparing and then choosing from multiple options. Have

Thursday, 10 October 2019

What is my biggest financial obstacle right now? Tarot & Handwriting Reading #7

Whether you are interested in Tarot or just in Graphology, this article will take you through identifying 12 different traits in the writing.

These are traits that will help identify the Querent’s biggest financial obstacle. They also affect their ability to achieve the success that is showing as possible for them in the Tarot reading at this time.

Tarot Reading:

Your efforts at work are beginning to reap rewards. You are feeling a sense of success as well as benefiting financially. There is both excitement and activity around you as this brings the good news you were hoping for.

Whether this is you or someone related to your work and financial future, the King of Cups shows an easy going character, likeable and kind.

Their biggest financial obstacle is that they may lack ambition or access to the energy needed to take things to the next level. They may also withdraw from any situation they suspect might be less than congenial thus missing opportunities.

Handwriting Reading:

The Positives to overcome the biggest financial obstacle

This Querent shows that they work more on intuition (gaps between letters within script) rather than facts. But that said, they are generally objective (Upright writing) in their outlook. This will help them check their intuitive guidance to decide if it is reasonable before following it.

However, they also show strong independent thinking (short stems on the ‘d’s) which is the tendency to go one’s own way and do one’s own thing. Because of this, what they consider reasonable may not be what others think reasonable. This writer will still go their own way regardless.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

One Tarot Reading with Two Handwriting Examples

How this works:

Of course this will probably never happen. One Tarot Reading with exactly the same question and the exact same cards appear. But this is just to show the difference there is between readings that is dependent on the handwriting. And that in turn is dependent on the personality of the Querernt. 

First a reading, and then I will relate it to two different handwriting examples. This will demonstrate just what a difference having the writing can make to a reading and what a difference it can make to your Querent to have the reading tailored to their specific personality and current emotional state.

A great many Tarot readings are in answer to questions about relationships, so for this reading the question will be: 
What can I do to improve my relationship?” 

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Tarot + Emotional Expression & Depth of Emotion

Emotional Expression & Depth of Emotion as shown in handwriting

Instead of doing a Tarot reading for this post, I am going to isolate just two personality traits and illustrate how they might affect a Tarot reading. 

The traits are emotional expression and depth of emotion. Each of those shows in a different way and yet they play very much together in how a person both feels and behaves.

How to identify these two traits from writing

First here’s how to identify Emotional Expression & Depth of Emotion from any handwriting. 

Yes, any handwriting because everyone will show their degree of emotional expression and their depth of feeling in their writing. It doesn’t matter whether they write or print or do a mixture of both. All caps shows the least in handwriting, but it shows these two traits too.

And whether the writer is left or right handed doesn’t matter either, although be prepared for the occasional leftie who insists their left slanted writing is a result of writing with their left hand. 

Not true. 

Just as many right handers write with a left hand slant and just as many left handers write with an upright or right hand slant.

How emotionally expressive a writer is shows in the slant of the writing.

Starting with upright writing

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Will he still be happy with me when he returns: Tarot & Handwriting Reading #6

Will he still be happy with me when he returns: Tarot & Handwriting Reading #6:

Question: When he returns will he still be happy with me?

The Querent asks "will my partner still be happy with me" after he returns from a trip away where he is involved in various activities and interests. These, for various reasons, will never be part of the Querent’s life. She worries that when he returns he will no longer be interested in her because she can’t participate in these new or old but expanded interests.

Tarot Card Reading:

The Wheel of Fortune is turning and it’s among all positive cards so good, positive things are on the horizon.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Tarot & Graphology Reading #5: Where do I go from here?

Below you will find a Past, Present, Obstacle, Outcome Tarot Reading, with one clarifying card. 

Tarot  & Graphology Reading #5:

Question: Where do I go from here?

Tarot Card Reading:

In the past you’ve been carrying a heavy load, or at least it’s felt like that. In the present you are